Do I Have To Repair MY Car?

No. If you own your Car and have Title, it's totally up to you whether to have it Repaired or not. 

What Does It Mean To Cash-Out?

Simply put, it is to take the check issued to you by your Insurance Company, Cash it and use as you wish. You decide if you want to have your Car Repaired or not.

Is It Legal To Cash-Out? To Spend The Money As I Wish?

Yes, because you own your Car outright and have the Title in your name only. You've paid high premiums for Full Coverage and it's up to you to decide to Repair or not.

Why Would I Contact You If I'm Not Repairing My Car?

The Simple Answer is Money! I will Audit the Insurance Companies Estimate to make sure that you receive the ACTUAL Repair Cost ... not the Low *Most Often VERY Low* amount that your Ins. Co. hopes you'll take. Of course, they are a For Profit Business hoping to save money. No problem there, yet after my Audit, I will let you know the additional monies due to you and discuss your options.

Why Can't I Cash-Out If I Have A Loan Or Lease?

The Lender or Lease Company owns your Car until it is paid off or turned in. A Hail Storm reduces the Value of their vehicle instantly and significantly. To restore it's Value I'll need to REMOVE the dents so it is returned to you in pre-damage condition.

Do I Have To Go Where My Ins Co Tells Me To Go?

No. The choice is yours and if you choose their repair facility or any other shop, they will require you to pay your deductible. By coming to DENTcrafters you will receive a discount on repairs of up to $500. In most cases that covers the deductible which means you'll have $0 out of pocket ... repairing or not. I am the only Company offering these 2 Services.

And If My Financed or Leased Car Is NOT Repaired?

In the case of a Lease, of course you'll be charged the “Unrepaired Damage” Costs. In Colorado that can be anywhere between $3000 - $8000 on avg. In the case of a Loan, you are under contract to maintain its Value and once you've filed a Claim it will be noted + Any damage over $500 is reported to CarFax by Law. So, bring it to me and we'll find your best options.

Does Filing A Claim Increase My Premium?

No! Hail damage is covered under the *Comprehensive* portion of your policy. A Hail Storm or Natural Disaster's such as Tornados, Floods and Fires are not attributed to you as fault and are considered *Acts of God*. Your Premium will not increase by filing an Act of God Claim.

Will The Dents Come Back?

No. It took the Force of Ice Balls traveling at Terminal Velocity to cause the damage, but I use gentle force by Pressure, Massage and Artistry to *Craft* the metal back to its pre-damage state. I use Specialty Lights and Tools as well as my 23 years of Experience.