Do I have to go where my insurance company tells me to go?
No. The choice is yours. If you choose their repair facility the will require you to pay a deductible. Many are under contract with your insurance Company and have to charge you.

What if I don’t get my car fixed?
“Unrepaired Damage” is in effect on your insurance policy; any future claims may be denied if not repaired.

How long do I have to get my car fixed?
Insurance checks are normally good for 180 days. However, your estimate  is based on current labor and part rates. Waiting too long may increase  your risk for “unrepaired damage” complications. Verify with your  insurance company on the length of time per your specific type of  insurance coverage.

Will reporting hail damage on my vehicle raise my premium? No! Hail damage is covered under your comprehensive auto coverage which  covers damage incurred by “Acts of God”, or “mother nature” such as  hail, wind, tornados and other natural disasters.

Will the dents ever come back?
No. Once the metal structure is realigned to its original form it will  stay there. Additionally, Quality One Dent’s PDR process is guaranteed  with a Comprehensive Warranty.

Will Paintless Dent Repair Decrease the Value of My Vehicle?
No. Paintless dent repair requires no painting and therefore  will not disturb the factory paint job of your vehicle, which is the  best finish it will ever have.

Can I Remove Hail Damage from My Vehicle Myself?
We do not recommend that. You might see an advertisement for a  “Dent Removal Kit” or other do-it-yourself methods to remove dents from  your vehicle requiring a plunger, hair dryer or dry ice. These methods  are generally ineffective and can often do more damage to your vehicle’s  body and paint. All major insurance companies have adopted paintless++ dent repair as the standard and best practice for repairing vehicles  with dents and dings caused by hail. Since the PDR process removes dents  and eliminates the need for repainting, the manufacturer’s paint  warranty is not voided.

Why is my estimate different than yours?
Due to the size and severity of the storms, many insurance  adjusters do not have the time nor proper lighting to thoroughly  estimate every hail damaged vehicle, But we do. We have experienced hail  damage estimators on site to perform this task and who will negotiate  the best claim on your behalf. This is to ensure your vehicle is  repaired to its pre-loss condition. Rest assured, your insurance company  will cover 100% of the damage through your comprehensive auto policy.


Reason People Do Not Get Their Car Repaired After Hail Damage

1. The Deductible – Most people don’t have $250-$1000 lying around to pay their deductible to fix their car. SOLUTION:We have a $0 deductible policy (certain restrictions apply).

2. No Rental Car Coverage. SOLUTION: We will cover that at NO COST to you. So long as we don’t have to cover a $1000 deductible.

3. Insurance Premiums. Most people are afraid their insurance premium will go up. SOLUTION: Hail damage is considered an Act of Nature. Therefore it WILL NOT raise your premiums. Just ask your agent.

4. Procrastination. With everyone’s busy schedule, where do you find the time to get this done? SOLUTION: We take care of everything for you. From the start of the claim to delivering your repaired vehicle. We got you covered.

5. Take the Cash and Drive a Dent-Mobile. By not fixing your car, the  value depreciates by 30% – 60% depending on the severity of the hail  damage. If it gets hailed on again and you did not fix it the first  time, your insurance may deny your claim or charge you for 2  deductibles. And, more than likely, you’ll always get solicited by every  dent company wanting to fix your car. SOLUTION: Let us fix it for you.

6. “The First Check”. They think the initial check issued to them is  the actual cost of repairs. Insurance companies do not utilize the  proper tools & lighting to properly estimate the vehicle and almost  always pay you less then the actual cost of repairs. SOLUTION: We will properly estimate the vehicle and submit a supplement if needed, to ensure you get a proper repair.