Receive Total Repair Cost

1. Do You Own Your Car Outright?

Since You Now Own Your Car w/Out A Lien Holder It Is Up To You To Choose To Repair Or Not. Most Ins. Companies Now Issue Checks At The Time They Write Their Estimate, Smaller Companies May Mail It.. Please See #2

2. The Insurance Estimate Is Not Final

A Guess ... 90% Or More Estimates Are Written Low. The Adjusters Have Unwritten Incentive To Do So ... Of Course They Save Tons Of Money When The Insured Cashes THAT Check.

Please See #3 Below

3. The Repair Company Writes The Final Estimate

There Is A Substantial Difference In The *ACTUAL COST TO REPAIR* Final Invoice. Simply Put ... Insurance Companies Benefit When You Cash The Check That They First Issue. As Stated 90% Or More Will Require More Monies To Repair ... In Fact Substantially More. You Are Entitled To The *TOTAL COST* Of Repair. You Can Then Choose To Have The Repair Or Not ... I Will Write A Supplement Request To Your Insurance Company For Full Repair Cost.